in search of beauty
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0 Comments in search of beauty - 2010-01-08 22:11:29

This doll (inside the window) caught my eye when I was passing by a department store. This photo is a bit blurry, but I like it for some reason. Regardless the fact that "inner beauty is the real beauty", I still believe outside appearance is important too-at least in many people's opinions. One day during the break, I said to my students, "Reading more will make you guys look more handsome or beautiful...or at least, make you more attractive when talking." Withtout hesitation, one boy argued against my idea by saying, "That's not true. Just think, if a girl looks like a "dinosaur", she won't have chances talking to me, and even if she talks I am not interested in what so called "inner beauty" she has..." Then, a girl said, "Of course, she has the chances to talk....when she meets another "dinosaur" boy too." And then the third student said, "but the fact is that NOBODY would consider himself/herself a dinosaure..."

Finally, I insisted that everyone is an apple or a pearl in their parents' eyes, so we should respect others' appearance. And someday when they meet someone they love, even a "dinosaur" (in others' eyes) might become a "pearl" in their own eyes! Otherwise, the world must have already become a Jurasspic Park.

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