test of a new lens
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1 Comments test of a new lens - 2010-01-17 22:04:06

Today we went to the camera store to have our lenses and cameras checked and cleaned as we are going to use these gears on our trip during the Chinese new year holidays. As a courtesy to express my thankfulness for the clerk's nice service, I bought a new lens and a new backpack. On the way home, I took a shot of Q as a test of the new lens. Q wasn't happy with this shot because he thought he looked too silly and ugly- he didn't expect I was going to photograph him when I called him to turn his head.

Finally he agreed to let me post this photo because I would give him the new backpack. As for the new lens, I like it a lot because it is much lighter than all the other lenses.

1/2000 sec
f 1.8
Flash: Not Fired