forgotten memories
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0 Comments forgotten memories - 2010-01-18 22:35:25

My sister and brother-in-law visited me tonight and showed me some very old photos that they had scanned onto the computer. And I got to see myself when I was little- it's hard to believe that I had no idea what I looked like in my childhood because nobody ever took any shots of me, and I am glad that I finally got three photos that included me in them.

This photo was taken at my sister's engagement party. With 15 years of age gap with my only sister, I was 9 years old then. My sister stood behind me and I stood beside my granny, who was 80 years old then. And Mom, the one next to Granny, looked quite young then. The background house just helped me to tell Q I was really born in a very poor family, and later we didn't live in that house anymore.

(My sister promised to try her best to look for a photo of Dad in her albums-though it's almost impossible. She had some nice memories together with Dad till she was 17, while I was too little to remember anything about Dad before he passed away.)