shan bu; 善簿
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0 Comments shan bu; 善簿 - 2010-01-29 23:39:35

I took this shot in the China Gallery in the British Museum. As far as I know, the two words "善簿" (shan bu; book of virtuousness) is a book recording all the kind and good deeds a person has done throughout his/her lifetime. I am not sure how many kind deeds I've done so far, but honestly at work I always have preference for the students who are kind-hearted, instead of the outstanding ones in school studies.

Today I was deeply moved by my 9th grader Robin, who is also the most outstanding student in the school- he often ranks top 1 in all subjects and overall grades. In the classroom, I often saw him try to help his classmates with science and math problems. He visited me in my office at lunch time to express his worry and concern about some of his classmates because he knew they have been spending too much time on the online games after school. He told me he had tried his best to encourage his friends, but they didn't take his advice. Robin emphasized that most of them are smarter than him and would even do better than he himself as long as they get well motivated...anyway, he wanted his friends to be better than him, to enter the best schools a few months later, and to fully utilize their intellgence.

How could I not be touched by this boy- a boy who not only likes to challenge me in class with various questions, but also likes to help his friends in a good way. I promised him that I would find time to talk to those boys, and I definitely would soon!

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