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0 Comments being interviewed - 2010-02-09 19:56:52

Today I was interviewed by a few senior high school students from another school. This interview was requested and arranged by my niece, Sherry (the girl on the right) because they had to make a report about "career planning" for their winter break homework. They prepared a lot of quetions on the checklist to ask me and used their cellphones to record what I said. Sherry was surprised to learn some true stories about me as well as how and why I made a career move to the teaching job- as my niece, she didn't know my complete background though.

At last, in response to their question, I said, "In my opinion, teaching is a nice career if you love seeing people "grow" and "surpass" you in any ways." They seemed to have enjoyed the interview a lot- not because I bought them pear milk tea, which is most students' favorite drinks, but because I shared some of my embarrassing experiences in my school days- I told them my score on my first mid-term exam in Accounting was 58, which made me hate numbers till now. They all laughed out!

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