"the year of the cat"
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1 Comments "the year of the cat" - 2010-02-19 04:35:13

Today Q was attacked by this cat near the hotel- she scratched him this morning. Q was born in the year of Tiger and was supposed to be braver and tougher than a cat, but ironically as a "Tiger" he was frightened by this cat. After hearing Q screamed, I went up to him, and the cat walked toward me too. She looked at my camera curiously- I didn't blame her for hurtig Q, after all that's her territory, but just took this shot. Yet, the bad news was: Q's camera D40x was broken and he wouldn't be able to take photos with it in the following days, and it seems I have to buy him a new one after we get back home. What a Turkish cat!

1/2500 sec
f 3.5
Flash: Not Fired