the taste of simplicity
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0 Comments the taste of simplicity - 2010-04-15 21:33:04

Of all the places I visited in Turkey, the small town Safranbolu was the most unforgettable. I was impressed by the simple life people there lived. As opposed to diversified flavors and types of bread/cake/desserts we have in Taipei, their bread seemed so simple and plain and HUGE too! (And the price of the bread was so incredibly cheap.)

In the early morning, I was taking a walk around the town and found the bakery just finished baking the bread (with their traditional way.) I asked the bakers if I could take a few shots of them and of the bread, and they happily agreed, and of course, I bought their bread. The bread was so huge that Q and I couldn't finish it until 2 days later.

While wandering in the town, I couldn't help wondering: for a person that is accustomed to sort of "delicate" food and stuff, I found returning to simplicity and innocence (返樸歸真) is precious and desirable.

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