the hardest decision to make
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0 Comments the hardest decision to make - 2010-04-19 23:57:12

Q joined an entrance exam held by a prestige private high school (School A) yesterday. After the exam, he told me the tests were easy except for three math questions that he wasn't sure of the answers. The competition for the entrance of School A is known to be quite fierce, but soon and surprisingly this afternoon I got the notification from that school that Q passed the test and would be recruited by School A for junior high this summer.

I have always wanted Q to attend School A even though the tuition is extremely high. Some say kids from School A appeared to be too "noble" (for sure, Q isn't that type), and some even say such a school might be more suitable for kids from "rich" families (of course, we are not one of them)...but everyone agrees that the majority of the kids graduating from School A are outstanding in many ways. (and that's just the truth) Another reason for me to prefer School A is the school bus, which can pick/send Q home in the early morning and at ngiht.

Yet, the problem is Q prefers another private school (School B) because almost all of his current elementary school classmates will attend School B, he doesn't want to leave them. School B will hold the entrance exam this coming Sunday, and I am quite sure that Q will pass it too. School B is excellent too, but due to its location, Q has to leave home, stay in the boarding school and comes home only on the weekend; I really don't want him to leave hom.

Q is always a very good boy, and we always respect each other's thoughts though he used to leave final decisions to me most of the time. I know perhaps I should have him make decision on his own this time and respect his choice, but eveybody say it would be a mistake if we give up School A.

Well...well, A or B? Tonight I taught Q to do a SWOT analysis on attending the two shcools, and he seemed to have a clear idea about making a better decision. Finally, he agreed School A might be better for him and "for me". Obviously, he took me into his consideration again. That's Q- he always thinks of others whenever he does anything, and he cares much about how others feel. That's one thing that made me worry about him sometimes.

We have one week to think it over, and I will respect his choice whatever he decides, because he is such a heart-felt boy and I really love him so much and feel proud of him!

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