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1 Comments another new-home-to-be - 2010-05-02 21:52:00

1.5 years ago my best friend Rosa wanted me to join her in a new community near the beach and a golf court, and now the construction of the community buildings are almost finished. Rosa said I would and should make some new friends if I moved into this community- she hated it that I have always been so "isolated", but due to its location, I don't think I will move in there until I get retired from my job. (oh, that's still a long long way and time...) Also, I don't think Rosa and her family will move in there either given the fact she has too many homes domestically and abroad. But I have promised Q that we will stay there on weekends this summer vacation because there are three huge swimming pools in front of our apartment building and Q can't wait to jump into the swimming pools.

Today we have finished installing the air conditioners, and the following weekends seem to be more challenging and I wonder if I will have enough time for the house furnishing by the summer.

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