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1 Comments out of focus - 2010-05-05 21:58:56

The flower in the photo is out of focus and it just reminds me of one thing. Last week when I read the students' appraisal of my job "performance", I burst out laughing. One student wrote, "The teacher is good except one thing: she never pours out much of her feelings when erasing the whiteboard." The whiteboard needs my feelings?? I was curious about why this student gave such a cute comment, and two days later I got the answer from my student V. V yelled at me in class, saying, "Teacher, please erase the board with your feelings- don't keep lecturing while erasing the board." That's interesting! At first I saw V's comment funny and "out of focus", but later I realized there must be a reason for anything or any answer that is "out of focus".

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