the shadow bringing me to life
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0 Comments the shadow bringing me to life - 2010-05-25 22:26:40

Most of my 9th graders did excently on the official entrance exam- some of them will surely rank in the group of top 1 to top 3 students nationwide and they will enter the "best" schools. But, a few of them didn't meet their own expectation and felt upset. I was asked by their parents, "what if she/he were your own kid? What would you say to comfort them?"'s a true story that just happened the other day. Last Saturday I ran into K, my elementary school classmate, while I was walking on the street. K was a beautiful lady who used to be my best friend in my childhood, but later with very different "interests" between each other, we went to very different "level" schools and almost lost contact after we grew up. She spent her time having fun instead of studying when she was younger, and she wasn't sucessful in school studies and she even didn't go to college. But now she is a very successful and confident career woman in charge of a company's business in China and she enjoys a happy marriage life.

I have always known how she is doing through my mom, so what surprised me last Saturday is not K herself, but another classmate Lu in my childhood. Lu was a naughty boy who hated studying and was cataloged as "bad" student at school. He even quit senior high school. Many years ago my mom told me that Lu had been in China doing business, but I didn't get to learn more about him. It was until last Saturday from K that I came to realize Lu owns one of the top 3 biggest connector (in computer use) companies in China. And his company, just like K's company, is going to go IPO in China too next month. K teased me saying, " you see, we the bad students become top businesspersons, while the best student becomes JUST a teacher!" humble teaching career would never go "IPO", but I know many of my students' future will go "IPO" whether they are "successful" now in school or in this type of entrance exam. Anyway, don't judge them when they are only 16 years old. They have done their best and I am so proud of them!

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