lost and won't be found
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0 Comments lost and won't be found - 2008-01-09 22:42:40

This was not a good shot, but for certain reason I decided to post this photo in memory of my Casio EX-Z1000, the point-and-shoot camera I bought last February and was missing on my Christmas trip to Hong Kong.

This camera just disappeared after we walked out from the crowd in Hong Kong subway. Well...someone took it away "unknowingly" or "intentionally" or "accidentally" from Q's pocket. When Q noticed a "third-hand" in his pocket, the camera was gone. Luckily,we were glad that another old casio (Q's toy camera for 2 years) was still hanging on his neck. Otherwise, I would have worried if Q's neck got hurt.

There is a Chinese saying, "舊的不去,新的不來"- translated into English, "If the old one wasn't gone, the new one would not come." So...thanks to the person who took our Casio, so that we are planning to buy a new point-and-shoot with a better excuse.

May the person who took our camera make the best use of it!

1/4 sec
f 2.8
Flash: Not Fired