Election Day - Blue vs. Green
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2 Comments Election Day - Blue vs. Green - 2008-01-12 23:41:50

Today is Legislative Elections day, regarded as a warm-up election of the coming Presidential Election on March 20, 2008.

I still had weekend classes with some classes today, but finally I managed to catch the last minute to vote.

DPP (民進黨), the Green, was totally defeated by KMT (國民黨), the Blue, this time as I had predicted. I always knew what the election outcomes would be- I guess it's becuase every day I heard (or over-heard) students' comments and dialogues, and these kids' messages just implied the preference of their parents from different family background and many walks of life.

so what is the public opion polls? I think kids are one of the best sources. Perhaps DPP, the ruling-party, should listen to what these kids say about them, or...at least asked me what I heard every day! And I am quite sure who will win the presidential election this term.

I am not as enthusiastic about politics as before, but I never stop concerning about the country's future. May God show all the elected politicians a right direction to make this island a better place!

(This shot was taken in Canada last summer. Blue or Green? well...)

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