first impression of Russia
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2 Comments first impression of Russia - 2010-07-09 23:35:35

I am back home from Russia, safely...

My first impression of Russia was not so colorful as the first picture I took in Moscow; actually I was shocked and frightened by the "dull" and "unfriendly" and "cold" the faces I encountered at Moscow Airport Customs when they took my passport away without giving me any reasons and kept me waiting and waiting and even "locked" me at the Customs. No matter how hard I tried to communicate with them, they didn't even bother to give me a response. And I was the only person being kept at the custom, and I couldn't argue with anyone because I, as a tourist, knew it's better to keep polite and calm and patient to deal with such an unexpected trouble. And in fact, no Customs Officers were on duty after I waited for 20 minutes. Finally I saw an officer or maybe a security guard passing by and asked him what went wrong with my passport and where my passport was, he replied rudely, "Just wait!" ...

Anyway, I eventually got back my passport and got into Moscow. They took my passport somewhere out of the Customs to have it examined but they still didn't tell me why they did so. I guess maybe because they thought I looked like a spy. I was not a spy but the way they treated me made me feel like I was a spy during the wait. Luckily, I was not arrested and went on my trip to Saint Petersburg.

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