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1 Comments PSB! PSB! - 2010-07-29 23:59:45 we finally met PSB in Taipei and had a crazy night. Had I known that photographing was allowed at the concert, I would have carried a better camera. But I must say that we were too lucky- we were at the first row fronting the stage because of the best tickets plus the early-time waiting in line, so I could see Chris and Neil very clearly, with little distance, and even sang and screamed with them, and of course no time for photographing.

Neil said to us, "It's fabulous that we PSB finally made it to Taipei!" Yes, tonight after the concert I just had one thought: life is beautiful with dreams, and with dreams all the best things would happen...sooner or later. I've loved them since I was a teenager, and I had been waiting to meet them for 25 years, and I really made it! Thanks, PSB!

(These shots were taken by Q. Before the concert, he asked me if he would be youngest fan at the concert. I was not sure about the answer, but at the concert, we saw another audience with his son of Q's age too)

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