Moon Festival
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0 Comments Moon Festival - 2010-09-22 21:31:02

Today is the Moon Festival, the first holiday of this semester. I was planning to do two things, but neither of them was really done:

(1) We went to the iStore to get the latest model of iPod Touch, but it would be unavailable until next month- so we got nothing.

(2) I visited a Japanese "friend" and intended to give him a present in person for the Moon Festival, but I was told that he had already gone back to Japan. I met this expatriate manager years ago, and ever since then he has never forgot to send me presents for Dragon Boat Festival, for Moon Festival and for Chinese New Year...while I had always forgot to return something to him until the other day I got his present again I remembered I should do something in return, but it's too late- so I missed the chance to express my appreciation to him over the years.

It seems that I did nothing much for this special holiday but seeing the full moon this evening!

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