pray; Longshan Temple, Taipei
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0 Comments pray; Longshan Temple, Taipei - 2010-11-29 21:03:50

I met up with my friend Faye at the temple. Faye is a very faithful Buddist, while I have a different religious belief. Politically, we are quite different too- I believe some "change" would be better for the city and the country, while she argues that any change would be risky for the society and the country.

Now that the election fever of Taipei Mayor is over, everyone remains their own religious and political beliefs, and I had better adjust my thinking so as to live more happily in the society where too many people are afraid of a "change". And of course, I am not the only one that has wished for a change, but we have learned to respect the majority (again and again), and that's democracy! Bless the mayor and the city and the country!!

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