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1 Comments concert - 2010-12-13 22:50:27

I went to Stella Chang's (張清芳) concert at Taipei Arena last night, and it's the best concert I've ever attended in ages. Of course, photographing wasn't allowed at the concert, but I took the two shots (though the quality was really bad) before the concert started. Reportedly, the tickets to the concert were sold out on the Internet within a few seconds- because Stella hasn't held any concerts for around 20 years, and she might not sing in public anymore. She was singing for 3.5 hours last night, but still nobody wanted to go home.

This is one of her most popular songs in 1992, and this happy song made me (and perhaps some people) think that getting married was fun. Interestingly, many of her songs later proved one fact: love wasn't easy at all!

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