demonstration-1; Tokyo Japan
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1 Comments demonstration-1; Tokyo Japan - 2011-02-05 08:13:39

Obviously, I am not the only one that is unhappy with the government- of course I am NOT unhappy with their Japanese goverment, but with our own government. This shot was taken by Q while some Japanese demonstrators were chatting with me. After knowing I was from Taiwan, the Japanese people became extremely friendly, and some men took off their mittens to shake hands with me and invited me to join this demontration (as they thought we must have shared the same ideas in some "political" and "international" issues, and that was quite true). Some guys smiled at me and said, "We love Taiwan! Welcome to Tokyo. Come join us!" I joined them for a few blocks and then I...sorry I went shopping because all the fashion stores were having winter sale and they were also inviting.

I also took a few shots of this demontration, and more stories and photos are coming in my future posts.

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