why Pachinko? ; Japan
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0 Comments why Pachinko? ; Japan - 2011-02-21 21:58:28

I took this shot at night in Tokyo. In 1992 the first time I visited Japan I wondered why Japanese people liked to go to such a "noisy" place after a long-day work? Because of my curiosity, I stepped into a Pachinko parlor and played for a short while and found it wasn't fun at all to me- too noisy!. 19 years later, I still thought of the same question: why Japanese love such a game? Japanese people told me that's a way to release stress from work. For me, I love to go home straight after a day's tiring work- having a rest at home, enjoying some music, reading some books, taking a bath, lying on the couch...would be much better than playing pachinko. Nevertheless, I love Japan and Japanese unique cultures make it a charming place for me to visit again and again. As the song said, "Ooh, it takes every kind of people to make what life's about, yeah every kind of people to make the world go around".

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