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1 Comments heart of gold - 2011-04-22 14:20:10

This is a photo of Q just 3 years ago, and now he has grown up a lot. Sometimes I can't stop wondering how come I am so lucky to have him in my life. Good self-disciplined, thoughtful, caring and kind-hearted. Every time I read his brief diary in his school communication book, I would feel deeply moved.

Yesterday I read from his diary:

(1)He would practice basketball hard so as to join the game this Friday. He hoped he would "tie" the game, not "winning" over his classmate. He said winning over others never is a good thing, and he would try his best not to win any games.
(I heard the same words from his mouth when he was 5, and he hasn't changed a bit.)

(2) He got an award from the school, but he hoped the school teachers would notice how great his classmates were because they worked hard too. He wished next time this award would go to his classmates, not to him. (I remembered when Q was five, he gave away his favorite toy car to my friend's son when seeing that boy crying for that toy car.)

(3) Q's classmate made his school uniform dirty because of spilling the juice onto him "by accident". Q wrote, "I am so happy that I just got dirty on parts of my clothes, not the whole uniform." (I asked him," Didn't you get mad at your classmate when that "accident" happened? He replied, "Not at all! Everybody made mistakes too sometimes")

What a heart!