standing on Pearl Bridge; Japan
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1 Comments standing on Pearl Bridge; Japan - 2011-07-06 12:52:07

It was sort of scary standing on the glass as down there was the deep ocean. Q asked me a silly question, "what if I fell down into the sea, would you be sad for the camera bag you would lose?" (He carried the camera bag for me)...Funny! I wouldn't care that bag a bit if they had fallen down into the sea. And I would have been killed by the kids' parents if it had really happened. But in Japan, it could hardly happen. Japan is country that always makes me feel so secure and confident!

(Q's question reminded me of an old true story about a friend long time ago. A friend went to the lake with his girlfriend, and they fell down into the water from the boat, and the guy "saved" his camera first before saving his girlfriend. And then after that date, they broke up.)

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