happy birthday to my photoblog
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1 Comments happy birthday to my photoblog - 2011-10-10 07:21:49

I set up this photoblog site today in 2007, and now it's been 4 years. So far this site has helped keep some photos I took from the places I visited- mainly from my traveling abroad.

I took this shot at the center of Paris, and hopefully I will be able to travel to many more countries and take some more photos.

Today is also our National Day- 100th birthday. This wonderful video tells the history of Taiwan (ROC; Republic of China) since Dr. Sun Yet-sen founded ROC in 1911. I always feel sentimental when thinking of the history of our country- always confused and frustrated about the country's identity. Taiwan or Republic of China? Taiwanese or Chinese? Chinese Taiwanese? or Taiwanese Chinese? Get independent (but UN and the world always ignore this issue) or join them (China, yeah, that's their wish)?

They are celebrating ROC's 100th birthday today, but can somebody tell me if the name "ROC" still exists or if anyone recognize the name "ROC" whenever I visit a foreign country? They always argue, and we seem to always struggle over our identity, but does it really matter when we can live so happily and abundantly on this island? Some say it's an issue about "principle" and "esteem", while some say they only care about "survival" and "business" and "wealth".

What do I care now? Well...I guess I don't care that much anymore. I just want to live happily and healthily and to keep working and helping some kids and keep traveling as far as I can. I read history, tell history, but I can NEVER change a bit of history. So all I want now is CREATE a bit history for myself.

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