my conflicting feelings about HTC
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1 Comments my conflicting feelings about HTC - 2012-12-16 20:12:09

Yesterday after finishing a long Saturday's teaching job, I went to this restaurant to have dinner with Q. Perhaps I was so exhausted that I left my HTC cellphone on the table when we left the restaurant. And I didn't notice that my cellphone was missing until this morning. At first I was sort of upset for my carelessness of losing the cellphone, and then I started feeling "excited" that I had lost it because I finally had a reason to buy a new cellphone to replace this HTC, but soon I realized that if I couldn't find back the cellphone I would lose some important information saved on it...and I was worried if someone might use my cellphone in case the restaurant didn't help me keep it...

so today I went to Sunday church first and then I waited for the restaurant to open at 11:00 am...and the whole morning I really did wish I would never find back my HTC so that I could tell Emily that I would join their iPhone 5 club, so that my students would never laugh at my old-fashioned cellphone, so that I would totally get rid of HTC. (I stopped loving this company for my silly political reason)

On the way from the church to the restaurant, I was thinking I would be feeling happy if later the restaurant told me that they didn't see any cellphone left there last night...

To my disappointment, they handed the cellphone to me even without asking me much as soon as I showed up. So I found back my "HTC Hero" and before I stepped out of the restaurant, I took a shot of the restaurant with this cellphone. Perhaps it was the first time I used the cellphone to take a photo and now that HTC is never my "hero", I wonder if I would take any photos with it again?

Anyway, I know I will have to use this HTC cellphone for quite a while before I really lose it next time. It's hard to get rid of "Hero" when it is not my "hero" anymore, and actually I don't really like using cellphone much's confusing and I am just weird.

HTC Hero