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0 Comments message from Nepal-1 - 2012-12-22 22:23:45

Yesterday I got an email from this young man that we met in Nepal last winter. I was quite surprised, and then I remembered I took a few shots of him on that trip but I haven't sent the photos to him yet. Actually I guess I might never really get to send him the photos as I didn't keep his email address.

Before we left Pokhara, Q gave away his Casio camera to him- he told us that he had never had a camera, and none of his family members had a camera (or digital camera). His eyes were full of joyful tears and suprise when Q handed his camera to him. He told us that with the camera Q gave, he would first take photos of his grandmom. I am wondering how many photos he has taken ever since...

That's the most unforgettable memory in Nepal.

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