flying sky lanterns
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2 Comments flying sky lanterns - 2008-02-17 23:36:38

The Lantern Festival is coming next Thursday. After finishing my Sunday class, we hurried to take the train to a Taipei suburb area where there was a lantern fair. But...what a shame! The rain was pouring down when we got there after 2 hours of a train trip.

But since this was the first time Quentin and I attended such a festival, we still decided to buy a lantern and gave it a try. We wrote down our wishes on the lantern first, and then the lantern shopkeepers helped us lit the "paper money" inside the lantern. To our surprise, the lantern flew up quickly and then up high...and high into the sky even though it was raining heavily. And I took a very quick shot before the lantern flew up regardless of how the heavy rain would do harm to my camera.

Next year I will try to go there again, and take some nice photos of this wonderful activity. Hopefully the weather will be fine then.

Here is a video clip of the flying sky lanterns. If you get to watch the video till the end, you will see how amazing these lanterns flying up in the sky.

1/15 sec
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