journey; New Zealand
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0 Comments journey; New Zealand - 2013-08-22 12:46:44

This is an old photo on my office computer too. Q is coming home tonight from the baseball camp, which means I haven't seen him for quite a few days.

Q phoned me on the second day of the camp, saying, "Mom, I am so sorry...but my smartphone was stolen in the bedroom." He sounded sad because it was his first smartphone and he just got it two months ago (as a present for entering senior high). I never am generous to Q in terms of getting him stuff like a smartphone.

I tried to cheer him up over the phone, but didn't know if he was Okay. I recalled the day when we were deciding on which smartphone to choose from at the store- Q insisted that he didn't want an iPhone for fear that he might lose it someday; he insisted on getting a cheaper one. Obviously, Q was right then!

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