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0 Comments memories; hometown - 2016-07-23 22:26:44

Q has been tutoring a group of high school students in a charity institute since July 11th. He teaches those kids science, math and English, and I was told that he had been doing a great job. Yesterday he got paid (biweekly), which meant a lot to him as it was the first salary in his life. But what meant more to me was that Q kept his promise- when he was little, he once told his grandma that someday when he grew up he would share his first salary with her. Sadly, Grandma couldn't wait that long...Today Q went to Costco to buy a huge pack of peanuts, Grandma's favorite, and sent it to Grandma's.

I haven't seen this tree (on the way to Mom's house) for months, and I can't find a reason to visit it anymore. Yet, I know the green will last for good and Grandma must have felt proud of Q.

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