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2 Comments justice - 2008-03-15 00:06:58

I decided to post this shot taken on my trip last month for certain reason. Our presidential election is coming in one week, and these days the "arguments" between the two parties (KMT and DPP) and their supporters have become even more serious. On one hand, I cherish all the democracy and freedom in my country; on the other hand, I wonder what direction our "democracy" would lead us to?

Most political observers and experts (in Asia) agree that the development of Taiwan's democracy and election system is a great example for HK and China to follow. I hold the similar view. But one thing I am always complaining: where is justice when those economical criminals flew out of this country, leaving huge debts and then enjoy their luxurious life overseas, the government could do so little about it, and most candid citizens tend to forget the history?

I am not watching the two candidates' debates on TV, but if any one of them could answer my question, he will get my vote.

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