Don Quixote's Windmill
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2 Comments Don Quixote's Windmill - 2008-03-16 19:16:20

Today is Super Sunday, which means it's the last Sunday for both parties, KMT and DPP, before the presidential election. I thought I had become indifferent toward politics, but eventually I realized I didn't change a bit. After my morning class, I went to one of the candidates' headquarter, and joined the rally/parade with my brother and sister.

But I know I had better not post any photos taken today. I really don't want to expose my "color" after seeing some of my students just argued over what political color I am.

Now I am surrounded by the election fever, and I really need some tranquility like the blue sky. But I still have a dream like Don Quixote's, a knight-dream to make this country better. Will the dream become possible?

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