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1 Comments silent hall - 2007-10-15 23:27:46

Today students started taking the first monthly-exam of this semester. Suddenly, the campus and classrooms turned to be so quiet. When it comes to exams/tests/quizzes, most of my students hate them. But who could change the rule of the game?

I recalled a story I once read long ago:

The United Nations gave a test to some children from different countries. The question was: please tell your ideas about the problem of the shortage of food provisions in other countries. But none of the kids could answer the question.

kids from Africa: didn't know what "food provisions" meant.

kids from Europe: didn't know "shortage".

kids from Latin America: didn't know "please" .

kids from America: didn't know "other countries".

kids from Asia: didn't know "tell your ideas"

I know there were serious biases in the story, but I agree that most young learners in my society tend to be listeners, followers, and few of them are thinkers. It has been a long-existing problem that parents and educators need to reflect on.

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