green vs blue; election day
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2 Comments green vs blue; election day - 2008-03-22 21:52:30

Today was presidential election day. The result was just as I had predicted. Not surprising at all!

58% vs 42%

The Blue has taken place of The Green (KMT defeated DPP)

Quentin wanted me to give him a more specific definition on "politics". Suddenly I became speechless, but I thought of the Irish poet, W.B. Yeats and the epitaph he wrote for himself:

"Caste a cold Eye. On Life, on Death, Horseman, passy by."

"What is the essence of democracy?" Q continued to ask me. I told him: let's respect the choice of the majority, and let's respect and support the new president (whoever won) and keep our own faith.

May God bless Taiwan and give wisdom to the new president! May Taiwan's future be as clear and bright as the lake!

(This photo was taken in Canada last summer.)

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