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0 Comments outside the window - 2007-10-16 22:28:20

I visited a small old town this summer. Mom advised me not to take Q there when he was little. She is not the only one that said this town is an "unclean" place. It is said some kids visited there and got sick home. Well...I was not superstitous but I took Mom's advice anyway.

It was until this summer when I got there that I realized what people meant by "unclean". I saw tombs all over the hills of this tiny town. It was once a gold mining town full of people, but a huge number of people there died during China-Japan war (1937-1945) Many Taiwanese died in the war, but they didn't know if they fought for Japan or China? If I could change the history, I would have fought for Taiwan.

Walking on the old narrow street, I felt as if I was entering the time passage, reading its sad history. And I saw a tea/coffee shop with a few guests looking at the sea outside the window, I stopped but didn't join them, instead, I took a shot of them outside the shop.


(1)After we got home from the trip, I found a weird "image" in a photo I took. Q asked me if that "image" was what grandmom referred "unclean"...I replied: I am not sure, but maybe it's because the lens of my camera was unclean.

(2)Or...perhaps that image was really "unclean". In August, I found all of the photos I took this summer were just gone on my computer. No files were left. So I had to retrieve a few photos from my account at Photoblog site, where I once uploaded some photos.