Mountains; a view from Seven Star Mountain
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1 Comments Mountains; a view from Seven Star Mountain - 2008-04-08 19:56:29

We climbed the highest mountain in Taipei, which is also a volcano mountain, on Sunday afternoon. This photo is a view of other mountains from the mountain, Seven Star Mountain, we climbed. I took this shot with my newly bought Fuji camera after I gave away my Canon to Q. After trying some shots with this Fuji, I think I am goning to exchange it with Q and get back my Canon.

Just when we were about to start this mountain-climbing trip, Q asked me if there was a shortcut to the peak of the mountain. "I am afraid not, but there might be other accesses that I don't know," I replied. I was surprised that he didn't ask me furhter but just started walking very hard, quickly and silently, and he even didn't ask for a rest.

After returning home, he gave me very interesting conclusion which made me a little stunned. He said:

(1) Climbing the high mountain was hard amd tiring, and it took a long time to get to the top, but I liked the process.

(2) Coming down from the top to the level ground was easy and more quickly, but my feet hurt a lot. It was not fun at all.

(3) When I saw a high mountain, soon I found another one was higher, and then another one was even higher.

I guess Q has learned something from this trip. And I really didn't preach anything to him; instead, it was the mountains that taught him a lesson.

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