life; gain and loss
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0 Comments life; gain and loss - 2008-05-18 22:52:36

I had afternoon tea with two friends, J and G, on Sunday afternoon. As soon as I entered this garden restaurant, the chair in the corner caught my eye. And I couldn't stop thinking of what the friends talked about this afternoon.

J is the President of a high-tech (electronic) company, and G the VP. 7 Years ago J, with strong entrepreneurship, set up his own company and then G joined him. With very decent profit these years, now this company is getting ready for IPO (initial public offering). No doubt, they have been working very very hard. But...what is behind J's wealth? He has gained much (financially), but he also has lost something (especially his health). When we all sat on the chairs to enjoy some relaxing moments, J's mind was still occupied by his company business. He said it was hard for him to feel relaxed, and that had become his habit. They both could hardly find time to be with their children and family...

When seeing me taking some photos there, they were sort of "envious". I said, "There is always a chair, as long as you want to take a seat." But the chair might not what they want- they have "larger vision" than I do.

On our way home, I asked Q, " do you still want to be a BOSS?" "I guess not, I would rather have time to take some photos when I grow up," Q replied.

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