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0 Comments fellows - 2008-05-26 21:56:49

My 9th graders finished the 2-day entrance exam yesterday. And it was not until today that I really "accepted" the fact that these kids had left my class. This evening James, one of the top students in school, surprised me a lot when he showed up in my office. At first, he didn't say much but just smiled. But I could tell from his smile what he wanted to tell me. Every time when he did quite well on the exams, on any contests, he would come to my office to share his joys. And when he didn't do well, he would just talk to me on the phone...my gosh, I miss these kids so so much...

These young men were not used to saying "thank you", and tried to appear "cool". Today when I saw James, when I got phone calls from many of them, I started badly missing the more-than-1000 days we had shared in school.

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