Earth of Volcano; flying to the moon
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0 Comments Earth of Volcano; flying to the moon - 2008-06-05 21:34:17

This was shot on my mountain-climbing trip last weekend. I felt as if I were stepping on the moon.

(Today my 9th graders have got their official grades reports on the entrance exam taken on May 24 and 25. Some of them were happy, but some were sad. Some are applying for the top schools or their ideal schools, but those who didn't do well this time will have to take the 2nd exam in July for a possibly better chance. And in fact, taking the 2nd exam is not these kids' ideas but their parents' (or some other teachers'.) Gosh...I wish I could take these kids to the moon. Why they have to spend so much time preparing for another exam? I really wish they could get out of the classroom, play basketball or do some outdoor activities...oh I really wish!)

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