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0 Comments beyond - 2008-06-13 21:32:08

Yesterday, Quentin learned to accept the "cruel fact" after being rejected by a prestige private school. He learned to face his own weak points on math; and I have to learn how to help him to "survive" in such an education system.

Weeks ago, Q gave a comment on this photo I took on my mountain-climbing trip. He siad, "I see two worlds in this picture. One is isolated and abandoned, and the other is open and inviting. Even if we are in the isolated world, we still should look outside and go see the open and brighter one. There is always hope out there..."

Last night, I gave Q the words (comment) that he himself shared with me not long ago to encourage him. Boy, being rejected isn't a shame!

(This was shot at a deserted park on a hill near a mountain.)

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