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1 Comments flying - 2007-10-30 20:46:53

This shot was taken while I was on BC ferry and looking at Canadian blue sky this summer end.

This picture reminds me of my unforgettable memory when I was 13- one night I saw a flying saucer (UFO) while I was staying up studying for my school monthly exam. I (together with cousin) encountered that flying object in our backyard that night, and watched it over our heads, very close, for several minutes long. The next day I went to school and told my classmates about what had happened, nobody believed me. They all aruged that I must have studied too hard and got out of my mind.

What a shame! I wish I had had a camera (better, digital camera) then!

For years, my cousin and I only shared (kept) the secret with each other. But, I was surprised that whenever I told my students about this special experience, they ALL believed me, and asked me to repeat the whole story again and again.

1/200 sec
f 22
Flash: Not Fired