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1 Comments Q - 2008-08-17 09:04:35

Last August I took the photo of Q eating sashimi at a Japanese restaurant. I used to think that a person who enjoys eating sashimi would be very brave, but Q convinced me again that my idea was ridiculous. He is right because he is not brave at all in some ways. And neither am I!

Last night I took Q and my niece Sherry to the movie, The Dark Knight. And soon after the movie began for about 2 minutes, I was too "weak" (or "timid") to bear the violence in the film. So I told Q and Sherry I had to get out of the theater for a few minutes. And then when I stepped back into the theater, the screen was still on crime and fierce violence. So I went out again, and never got back to the theater. That moment, I really didn't feel well. The cinema manager noticed me standing outside the theater and was kind enough to offer me a solution. He asked me if I would consider seeing another movie, Made of Honour (a romance and comedy), next door, and he would help me exchange the ticket. And finally, I watched Made of Honour, and left the two kids at the other theater (with the help of the theater clerks, and their service was good.)

After we got home at midnight, Q started crying, and he even couldn't sleep well. I asked him if he was frightened by the movie, and he said that the clown in the film was really too scary. And then I remembered it was a PG movie, and I shouldn't have left him alone with Sherry, who is just 16 years old. But Sherry seemed much braver and she laughed at Q and me loudly, saying "You both are cowards!"

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