life journey; heart
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1 Comments life journey; heart - 2008-08-19 22:09:16

I took the shot at an old train station this summer. These are train tickets-old tickets, and the words on the tickets are not the destination, but some lucky words for students.

Today became a very special day in my life when my "former" student P showed up in my office. P had been in my class for 2.8 years before he dropped my class last November. He dropped my class because of a fierce argument with me. And the strong rapport we had enjoyed collapsed suddenly...and then he walked out of my class and never came back. It was the worst day in my teaching career. I felt sad that I didn't see him graduate from my class this June; and more than hundred times I wished I could have found a better way to deal with this problem. And more than hundred times I was worried about if he would be doing well on the official entrance exam in May and July...

Today I was shocked when P came back to see me- he apologize to me and told me he had been missing our class. I was so pleased not because the word "sorry" he said to me, not because his compliments, but because that I finally got a chance to tell him "I am sorry too!" P proved me what they had learned in class is not the shallow knowledge or skills I passed onto them, but a "heart" I gave to them! Yes, wherever they go, go with a "true heart". Good luck to all of my graudated students who have embarked on another new life journey!

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