relax; Penghu Islands, Taiwan
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1 Comments relax; Penghu Islands, Taiwan - 2008-08-27 09:01:49

We flew to Penghu Islands for our summer-end vacation. Just taking a 40-minute flight, we got to the beautiful islands. Though the beach was so beautiful and the water was so amazingly clear, there were only a few young people and kids surfing and swimming there. That's really a paradise to Q and me.

Taiwan's government has been planning to approve the setup of some casinos in the island, and honestly I am absolutely against such a "silly" plan. So, on this trip, in addition to having fun in the water and discovering local cultures, I was trying to get some ideas of the local residents there- to know what they might be thinking about the government's plan. And their ideas really surprised me, but their reasons seemed to make sense. As a tourist, though a citizen of the same country, I just thought about how to protect the beautiful islands. Yet, people there thought of their living, jobs and employment...

Lots to debate, but suddenly I remembered that I went there for relaxing, and should leave the controversial topics to the wise people.

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