speechless; Penghu Islands, Taiwan
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2 Comments speechless; Penghu Islands, Taiwan - 2008-08-27 22:48:32

We are taking another trip to eastern Taiwan tomorrow, the last field trip for Q's "homework" this summer. (He really does have to make reports about each trip and hand in them to the school teacher.)

Tonight a phone call from T, one of my just-graduated and most naughty students, made me speechless. His only sister, an outstanding college girl, passed away the other day. The family never noticed the pain and depression she had had until the tragedy happened and until they turned on her computer and found out the secrets in her blog. But it was too late...gosh, I wish I had had a chance to talk to T's sister. I wish I had got a chance to take her to the beach, to sit on the bench, to hold her hands, to listen to her, and to tell her: Even though life is tough sometimes, it is still beautiful.

With the Internet and blog, do people become more communicative or isolated? Do people become more social or more lonely? I am glad T shared his sad feeling with me, instead of hiding his sadness in his blog.

Peace to T's sister and his family. God bless the family.

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