an unforgettable evening: Penghu, Taiwan
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2 Comments an unforgettable evening: Penghu, Taiwan - 2008-09-10 21:06:08

I took huge courage to post this picture as it still pains me when I look at this image again.

As we visited another beach recommended by Penghu people, we saw lots of people swimming in the sea. Q wanted to swim in the water, but I just felt like watching the sunset instead fo swimming. So I let him get into the water ALONE. And then Q promised me to swim carefully, not going too far. Also a kind parent told me he would help me keep an eye on Q in the water...So I took a walk along the beach. And about 20 mintues later, I heard and saw an ambulance and a police car heading to the place where Q was swimming. Some people said that a kid got drowned "at that side". Someone even told me that kid was from Taipei...

And I became breathless...breathless...until I found Q's curious face asking me, "what happened, Mom?"

Till we left that beach, the police still didn't find that drowned person, and they said maybe someone just called to play a joke on them. I hoped it was just a joke and nobody got drowned that evening, but again...if that was a joke (as they said), that would be the worst joke ever. That evening, I lost appetite for dinner and did nothing but just looked at Q enjoying a big dinner. I told Q, "I am very sorry. Really very sorry..." Q replied, "Hey, didn't I tell you I would be very careful? You should have placed trust in me, okay?" Okay, Okay...someday he will know it's not easy being a parent.

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