Amis Girl; Hualien, Taiwan
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0 Comments Amis Girl; Hualien, Taiwan - 2008-09-11 21:13:32

The Amis are one of the thirteen tribes of Taiwanese aboriginals. On my trip to the mountains in eastern Taiwan this summer, I met this lovely Amis girl. She was holding a grammar book and studying in the mountain village. And I told her I bet she must be a senior high school student, 2nd grader. She was surprised, saying, "Wow, how come you are so smart?" I just smiled, but didn't tell her that some of my students are almost of her age too.

She told me she just came back home from school in Taipei for the only one week summer vacation. She was helping her mom at the souvenir shop. She let me take a few shots of her and agreed that I can post it on my own blog. And I will send the photos to her via e-mail soon.

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