try to remember; Hualien, Taiwan
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1 Comments try to remember; Hualien, Taiwan - 2008-09-14 07:36:40

I saw a very old photo store in eastern Taiwan this summer. The shopkeeper is a nearly-90-year-old lady. With more than 70 years history, this photo store was the first one in Hualien. Her husband was gone long ago, and the shop sign under the eaves became out-of-date, but she kept running the store (to keep her husband's love for photography).

Today is Moon Festival, the most important day in September. But due to the big typhoon, tonight the moon won't show up in the sky. Yet, September is always special to me- it was the month 2 years ago that I found photography is not just about "photos" or "cameras" or "techniques", but about "life" and "memories"...and "sharing".

video: Harry Belafonte - Try to remember

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