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2 Comments escape - 2008-09-26 21:25:58

I took this shot in Canada last summer. I decide to post it for certain reason.

During the years when I was active in attending Toastmaster Club to practice English after work (1993-1997), some friends in the club immigrated to Canada. I once asked them, "Why immigrate? Why leave Taiwan?" Most of the answers were like "for kids' education", "for a better retirement life", and some said, "we don't have confidence in Taiwan- as it was the time China constantly threatened Taiwan with their missiles." Honestly, I really hate it when people gave me the third answer. I used to tell them, "I am not leaving anyway, and I would stay to protect this island."

Ironically, these days I seriously started considering moving to a foreign country. And the only reason is quite simple: with my absoulte disappointment with the new government's incapability and a series of wrong policies, I just feel like getting all the chaos out of my sight and my mind. I want to hide myself in Rockies. My sister told me, "just ignore the news, and pretend the government never exists." Q said, "even if you escape to Rockies, you will bring a laptop with you and get the access to the Internet, and you will never forget your country."

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