first try of Nikon D90
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1 Comments first try of Nikon D90 - 2008-10-31 22:29:29 today I bought a Nikon D90 and had my first try of this camera at home at night. I know this isn't a good shot, and I am trying to find excuses for myself: because it's late at night, the light indoors isn't enough; it takes time to build rapport with a new camera:)

There is a story behind my decision of buying the new camera: Today I finally decided to close down one of my bank accounts, and I decided not to let that bank manage my personal finance. I decided to ignore the 99% loss, and to take back the 1%. Gosh...only 1% left! But thank God, I could still take back 1%, as there are a huge number of people (in this island) that can get nothing back. And the government is still sleeping...

But what to do with the 1%? Q said, "Get a new camera first; at least the camera would create you more new good memories!" Yeah, good point! And I promised Q if he does well on his mid-term exam next week, I would give him the old D40x. And even if Q doesn't do well on the tests, I will still give it to him because he has always been a good boy who shares lots of housework with me. He deserves it!

(When I just stepped out of the camera store, two gentlemen on the street came up to me and asked me,"hey, why D90? Why don't you get a D300? They both are professional photographers; they thought it would be more worthy to get a D300 than D90. But I told them I think D300 might be a bit heavy for me. And then on the tube, another photographer walked to me and tried to chat with me. He said , "hey, it's good to get a D90. If I were a girl, I would prefer a D90 to D300." whatever they said, I just thought: it's really better to hold something real in my hand than to have had some greedy bankers destroy my trust.)

1/30 sec
f 2.8
Flash: Not Fired