the winner takes it all
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0 Comments the winner takes it all - 2008-11-04 21:41:12

This shot was taken on our National Day, last month. The day when the streets were filled with the nation's flag. But these days, whoever holds the flag on the street or in public places will be arrested by the police. The reason is simple, very very simple: because there is a historic cross-strait talks (between Taiwan and China) in Taipei, and the representatives from China don't want to see any anti-China stuff, or anything about "Taiwan is a country". So any totems related to "Taiwan" should be taken off and put away, let alone the flags. However, the five-starred (Chinese) flags can be displayed. The first time in my life, I asked myself: what the heck country do we live in? Like a great number of Taiwanese people, I was outraged and cried. I don't know how to educate our next generation when the government is destroying the country, when the government is giving bad demonstartion on democracy, when the government is selling the well-being of the 23 million people with those unwise ("foolish" isn't a common word I tend to use) agreements, when the nation seems no more a nation.

Today will be remembered in history, not only because of the American presidential election, but also because that our president is writing his own history. And like a great number of Taiwanese, I believe someday history will give our president a judgment on the mistakes he is making.

I am looking forward to the result of the USA election, looking forward to a "change", but who is gonna heal my country?

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