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0 Comments the thinker - 2008-11-08 22:52:03

This week was noisy in Taipei. Finally, the chaos came to an end. Now, hundreds of college students and professors are having a sit-in protest at Liberty Square to show their anger at the heavy-handed police tactics during this week’s demonstrations against Chinese envoy. They peacefully demanded that President apologize for the mistakes.

I am all for these students and teachers, and if it were not for the fact that I had to work every day, I would have joined them. Today I asked my 9th graders about their opinions on the recent "political" news, I was not surprised that they have already been influenced by the media (as always). I was trying to tell these kids to be independent thinkers and to have their own judgment, but some of them told me, "hey, teacher, since we have to study so hard all day on the weekend, how could you expect us to think independently" Yeah...quite true! How hard it is (for the kids as well as for the country) to get independent!

(This was shot in Scotland this summer)

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